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Customer Account Administration (3)
As described in the section Quick Start with Parallels Panel,
Email (5)
This chapter describes how to set up and use the following email services in the Control Panel.
FTP Access to Your Websites (2)
One of the most convenient ways to update your website content is to upload it through FTP
Wordpress (1)
WordPress är ett modernt publiceringsverktyg
How to change your email password.
If you need to change the password for a mail account, do the following: Go to...
Adding FTP Accounts
Adding FTP Accounts f you are working on your website together with someone else or host...
Adding Mail Accounts
To create an email address: Run the Create Email Address wizard from...
Setting Up Mail Forwarding
To set up email forwarding for an email address: If you are subscribed to several hosting...
Setting Up Auto-Reply
Setting Up Auto-Reply To set up automatic reply settings for an email address: Go to...

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